Looking For New Patterns In A Kaleidoscope Kinda World

“Current knowledge is nothing more than rapidly changing facts.” -Dr. Robert Hutchins, President, University of Chicago

There’s no doubt that independent small business is experiencing monumental change in how business gets done. Since new ideas are often built from previous elements, this workshop will uncover relationships new and old waiting to be revealed through brand new patterns.

What’s Your Story?

The four most important words in marketing are… Tell Me A Story.

People love stories. And the truth is, everyone has a story to tell.

The really cool truth? No one can tell the exact same story because no one experiences life exactly the same way. How cool is that!

You have a story, one that is… uniquely yours. So does your company. Your products. Your team. And your customers.

Magical Words

There are some in the industry who believe by talking to a small group of people who don’t shop with us, a report can be written suggesting how garden centers should prepare for the future. I think that’s weird.

Consume Surveys #101 says if you want the truth, find out what people do, not what they say they’ll do. Talking to people who actually do shop garden centers makes more sense.