Magical Words

Robert Hendrickson, Next New Planet


There are some in the industry who believe by talking to a small group of people who don’t shop with us, a report can be written suggesting how garden centers should prepare for the future. Weird.


Consumer Surveys #101 says if you want the truth, find out what people actually do, not what they say they’ll do. Talking to people who actually do garden and shop garden centers makes more sense.


Based on thousands of responses, we now know exactly why people who love to garden are lining up at the registers. Sharing theses personal gardening experiences with those who may not know what they’re missing seems like a logical… and powerful approach.


At this session you’ll learn magical words… the “Top Ten Reasons Why People Garden”. Deciding what to say in your marketing to attract current and future customers just became fact, not opinion.

Program Options:

  • 1 hour keynote presentation
  • Half-day presentation
  • Full Day Presentation
Workshop references available upon request.