What began at a garden center consisting of a one-car garage with bedding plants sold on the family picnic table turned into a forty-year horticulture adventure. Fifteen years in the retail trenches, a decade consulting with garden centers on marketing and operational issues, then another fifteen year run creating The Garden Center Group to help companies focus on the business side of their business.


Now it’s time for the next phase of the journey… Next New Planet… a company designed to help independent retailers move beyond traditional marketing messages to an approach that reflects the personal side of business. A move away from marketing to the power of communication through stories people can’t wait to hear.


Between onsite consulting at retailers and suppliers and conducting online business services, are lengthy trips to the Yucatan exploring Maya ruins. Where questions pertaining to life and business find answers by simply letting go then tapping into the power of nature and an ancient civilization.

Along with a little tequila that seems to help.

Want to talk business and how your story can help you reach your goals?

Want to talk about hanging out in Mexico telling stories, exploring ruins and visiting deserted beaches?