What’s Your Story?

Robert Hendrickson, Next New Planet


The four most important words in marketing are… Tell Me A Story.

People love stories. And the truth is, everyone has a story to tell.


The really cool truth? No one can tell the exact same story because no one experiences life exactly the same way. How cool is that!


You have a story, one that is uniquely yours.
So does your company. Your products. Your team. And your customers.


But why stories and why now?

Because telling the right story… presenting the right message when it comes to your company’s place on the planet… is the last piece of the puzzle necessary for an industry revolution.


It’s time for all aspects of the industry to realize we have a lot more to offer the public than things, pot sizes and prices. We have stories waiting to be told. Stories people want to hear.


This isn’t about reaching people. There are plenty of ways to do that.
This program is about finding the stories that will move your company beyond marketing to personal connection.

Program Options:

  • 1 hour keynote presentation
  • Half-day presentation
  • Full Day Presentation
Workshop references available upon request.